lördag 22 mars 2014


Senaste veckorna har det varit mycket skrivande på ansökan om forskningsanslag, så jag har inte orkat blogga. Man kan bara producera så mycket text på en dag. Så istället får ni lite blandade annonser från 1934.

I've been really busy that last weeks with my application for research funding, so no blogging. It seems that you can only produce so much text in a day. So instead you get some mixed ads from 1934.

The text says: every woman will sooner or later get saggy breasts. To avoid this or to do somethign about it after it has already happened you should use the Mira brassiere, made by a woman, for women.

Some skill, good patterns and a Snger sewing machine is all you need.

Älskar jumpern
Ad for towels from Swedish textile mill Almedahls. I love her jumper.

Ad for Swedish soft drink Pommac.

Ad for boys' clothes saying that clothes that the boys like they will also be more careful with.

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