A striped 1940s dress

Made in 2009

This was the first 1940s dress that I made. I fell totally in love with this dress when someone linked to it on eBay and just new that I had to have one.

I love the stripes and how they're used for the design, I love the buttons and I totally love the zipper in front; using zippers as a decorative element being a rather recent idea in the 1940s.

At first I couldn't find a suitable fabric. In fact I haven't found one yet, but I keep looking. The fabric seems to be a rather soft cotton and what I ended up using was a stiffer polycotton given to me by my father. As you can see it makes it stiffer, but fortunately not enough to make it look totally wrong for the 1940s. I also made it slightly shorter than the dress appears to be on the model, thus making it more typical for the decade.

The shoes are from Irregular Choice and while they are modern in their design they're not unlike some of the more outrageous and/or whimsical shoes made in the 1930s and 1940s. In any case I was not aiming for perfect historical accuracy here.

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