fredag 7 februari 2014

Challenge #3: Pink. Where I show my knickers on the internet.

Du hittar samma inlägg på svenska här.

What won't we do for Art? Not only am I showing my knickers on the internet, I also shaved my legs before taking the photo, something I very rarely do in winter. All for you, my dear readers.
   But, back to the challenge: The theme for the third HSF challenge is pink. I still have some of the cotton/silk satin that I used for my 16th century dress from Lyon, that would be nice for some kind of more structured underwear, but with my not-yet-healed surgery would on my belly and, the inside being all swollen that really wasn't an option. I didn't want to buy new fabric either, but luckily I had a yard of silk jersey that I bought from Thai Silks nine years ago. So I went in the opposite direction and decided to make something very soft: a pair of '20s to '40s jersey knickers. A little like these, which are from a Swedish mail order catalogue from 1940.

I cut apart a pair of long-legged panties I've had for years and used as a pattern, ending up with these pieces:

While my machine can sew more advanced (though not very) elastic seams, this is a historical project so I went to a 1940s sewing book to see how you should sew elastic fabrics. 
   First you sew the pieces togehter with a long straight stitch with loose tension. You can see it on the gusset, which is double and sewed together. Then you split the seam allowances and zig-zags over the seam and then cut away the seam allowances.

Here you can see how the seam looks from the outside. The gusset is double, so I sewed the two pieces together with a straight stitch before attaching the gusset to the other piece.

As you can see below I need to improve my skills in cutting away seam allowances.

And finally: The advertised photo of me in the finished knickers.

I had planned for them to be a little looser in the leg, but that's not what the jersey wanted. They're really comfy and fit well.

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